Action Coalitions have been established in 49 states. Contact the Action Coalition leads below to become involved with implementing the recommendations of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health in your community.

Alabama Nurse Leaders in Education and Practice, President, Alabama Organization of Nurse Executives, Kathleen A. Ladner (; 205-305-8778)Alabama Nurse Leaders in Education and Practice, Vice President of Patient Care Services/CNO, St. Vincent’s East, Carol J. Ratcliffe (; 337-540-6901)
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, Health Management Department Manager, Jane Yarbrough (; 205-220-3622)
Collaborating Partner: Alabama Hospital Association, Director of Human Resources, Lacy Gibson (

Arizona State Board of Nursing, Associate Director Education and Evidence Based Regulation, Pamela Randolph (; 602-771-7803)
Arizona Nurses Association, Executive Director, Robin Schaeffer(; 480-831-0404)
Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association, President & CEO, Laurie Liles (; 602-445-4300)
OptumHealth, part of UnitedHealth Group, Director of Clinical Operations, Tony Mollica (;601-462-7348)

College of Nursing, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Programs, Cheryl Schmidt (; 501-603-1218)
College of Nursing, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Dean, Lorraine Frazier (; 501-686-5376)
AARP Arkansas, Associate State Director for Advocacy, Herb Sanderson (; 501-217-1639)
Arkansas Community Foundation, Program Director, Chris Love (; 501-372-1116)
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Professor and Director for the Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing , Claudia Beverly (; 501-686-5979, Project Coordinator: Sandie Lubin (; 501-686-7984)
Center for Nursing Research and Innovation, UC San Francisco School of Nursing, Director, Mary E. Foley (, 415-514-3638)
UC Berkeley School of Public Health, Associate Dean, Jeffrey S. Oxendine (, 925-330-5363)
Health Workforce Initiative, California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (Formerly RHORC), Statewide Director, Linda Zorn (
Statewide Director: Mary Dickow (, 415-307-9476)
Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence, President & CEO, Karren Kowalski (; 303-715-0343)
Colorado Hospital Association (CHA), Vice President, Gail Finley (leading on behalf of Steven Summer) (; 720-330-6011)
Connecticut Nurses’ Association, Executive Director, Carole Bergeron (; 203-238-1207)
Workforce Alliance, Manager of Planning & Procurement, Marita Paul Shurkus (; 203-867-4030 x253)
Delaware Nurses Association, President, Bonnie Osgood (; 302-740-1139)
Delaware Healthcare Association, President & CEO, Wayne Smith (; 302-674-2853)
Florida Center for Nursing, Executive Director, Mary Lou Brunnell (; 407-823-0980)
Blue Foundation for a Healthy Florida, Consultant, Michael Hutton (leading on behalf of Susan Towler) (; 904-905-8383) 
Blue Foundation for a Healthy Florida, Vice President, Susan Towler (; 904-905-0683)
Georgia Nurses Association, Chief Programs Officer, Debbie Hatmaker (; 404-325-5536)
Clayton State University, Dean and Professor, Lisa Wright Eichelberger (; 770-309-6371)
Georgia Hospital Association, Director of Workforce Development, Denise Flook (; 770-249-4518)
Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing at Emory University, Dean and Professor, Linda McCauley (; 404-727-7976)

Hawaii Medical Services Association Foundation, Administrator, Mark Forman (; 808-948-5585)
University of Hawai’i at Monoa School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene, Dean and Professor, Mary G. Boland (; 808-956-8522) [interim co-lead]
Hawai’i State Center for Nursing, Executive Director, Deborah Gardner (; 703-973-4158)

Idaho Alliance for Leaders in Nursing, Executive Director, Margaret Wainwright Henbest (; 208-367-1171)
Idaho Hospital Association, President, Steve Millard (; 208-489-1400)
Illinois Center for Nursing, Chairperson, Michele Bromberg (; 312-814-3039)
Illinois Center for Nursing, Manager, Linda Roberts (; 312-814-1395)
Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, Program Manager, Julio Rodriguez (; 312 -814 -8421)
Indiana Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) Program, Director, Richard Kiovsky (; 317-278-8893)
Indiana Center for Nursing, Executive Director, Kimberly J. Harper (; 317-574-1325)
University of Iowa College of Nursing, Dean & Professor, Rita Frantz (; 319-335-7009)
Iowa Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Program, Program Office Director; Free Clinics of Iowa, Executive Director, Wendy Gray (; 515-480-8178)
University of Kansas School of Nursing, Professor and Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, Cynthia Teel (; 913-588-1697)
Kansas Hospital Association, Workforce Center Director, Deborah Stern (; 785-233-7436)
Program Manager: Jon Teel (
Kentucky Hospital Association, Vice President, Health Professions,  Kim Dees (; 502-426-6220)
University of Kentucky College of Nursing, Dean and Professor, Jane Kirschling (; 859-323-4857)
Louisiana Center for Nursing, Director, Cynthia Bienemy (; 225-755-7577)
AARP Louisiana State Office, Denise Bottcher, Associate State Director, (; 225-376-1145)
MDI Hospital, Vice President Nursing/CNO, Barbara A. Hannon (; 207-288-5081)
Mayo Regional Hospital, Director of Nursing and Past- President OMNE, Lynne Gagnon (; 207-564-4252)
Bridgton Hospital, Director of Clinical Practice and President of OMNE, Roberta Cribby (; 207-647-6113)
The Cutler Institute - The Muskie School of Public Service, University of Southern Maine, Managing Director of Population Health and Health Policy Program, Judy Tupper (; 207-780-4330)
University of New England Center for Community and Public Health, Director, UNE Maine Geriatric Education Center, Judith Metcalf (
University of Maryland School of Nursing, Dean, Janet Allan (, 410-706-6741)
Maryland Nurses Association, Immediate Past President, Patricia Travis, (; 410-502-0233)
Maryland Organization of Nurse Executives, Past President, Larry Strassner (; 443-777-6419)
Maryland Board of Nursing, President, Nancy Adams (; 301-777-4984)
LifeBridge Health, President and CEO of Sinai Hospital and Sr. Vice President, Neil Meltzer (; 410-601-5133)
Governor’s Workforce Investment Board, Executive Director, Lynn Reed (; 410-767-2131)
Maryland Association of Nurse Anesthetists, President, Kelly Nevins Petz (
CareFirst, VP of Care Management, Lisa Kraus (
Project Coordinator: Shannon McClellan (; 410-706-7253)

Organization of Nurse Leaders of MA & RI, Chief Executive Officer, Sharon Gale (; 781-272-3500)
Organization of Nurse Leaders of MA & RI, President, Kevin Whitney (; 781-272-3501)
Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, Associate Commissioner, Economic and Workforce Development, David Cedrone (; 617-994-6904)
Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, Coordinator for Healthcare Workforce Development, Dale Earl (; 617-994-6905)
Project Coordinator: Patricia Crombie (

Michigan Center for Nursing, Director, Carole Stacy (; 517-347-3332)
Beaumont Hospitals, Director of Workforce Planning, Linda Kruso (; 248-423-2445)
Minnesota Center for Nursing, President, Elizabeth Sether (
HealthForce Minnesota, Executive Director, Jane Foote (; 507-280-5034)
Mississippi Office of Nursing Workforce, Executive Director, Wanda Jones (; 601-259-1746)
Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration, Deputy Executive Director, Rita Wray (; 601-992-3054)
Missouri Nurses Association, Chief Executive Officer, Jill Kliethermes (; 573-636-4623)
Missouri Health Advocacy Alliance, Executive Director, Andrea Routh (; 573-634-9800)
University of Kansas School of Nursing, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Clinical Associate Professor, Nelda Godfrey (; 913.588.1654)
Missouri League for Nurses, Executive Director, Nina Bakke (; 573-635-5355)
Statewide Director: Amy Heithoff-Dominguez (
MHA…An Association of Montana Health Care Providers, Vice President, Casey Blumenthal (; 406-442-1911)
Montana State Board of Nursing, Executive Director, Cynthia Gustafson (; 406-841-2380)
Visiting Nurse Association, President and CEO, James Summerfelt (; 402-930-4016)
HDR Architecture, Inc, Director of Clinical Services, Cyndi McCullough (; 402-415-5873)
Nebraska Action Coalition, Director, Victoria Vinton (; 402-830-7769)
Nevada Alliance for Nursing Excellence, Chair, Jennifer Richards (; 775-982-4151)
Nevada Health Care Sector Council, Project Director, Linda Yi (; 702-461-4669)
New Hampshire:

New Hampshire Organization of Nurse Leaders, Primary Contact, Chief Nurse, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Linda J. von Reyn (; 603-650-8830)
New Hampshire Organization of Nurse Leaders, President, Christine R. Hamill (; 603-740-3355)
New Hampshire Nurses Association, Primary Contact, Sandra McBournie (; 603-398-8885)
New Hampshire Nurses Association, President, Jane Leonard (; 603-432-5859)
New Hampshire Foundation for Healthy Communities, Executive Director, Shawn LaFrance (; 603-415-4270)
AARP New Hampshire, State Director, Kelly Clark (; 603-265-0550)

Rutgers University, College of Nursing - DNP Program-Leadership Track, Director, Edna Cadmus  (; 973-353-1428)
New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute, President, David Knowlton (;  609-434-1110)
Visiting Nurse Association Health Group, VP Strategic & Business Development, Mary Wachter (
New Mexico Center for Nursing Excellence, Executive Director, Patricia Boyle (; 505-889-4518)
RWJF Center for Health Policy at the University of New Mexico, Executive Director, Robert Valdez (; 505-277-0130)
Institute for Nursing: NY State Workforce Center, CEO, Cathryne Welch (; 518-456-7858)
AARP New York Executive Council, Member, Bob O’Connell (
Project Coordinator, Debra Wolff (; 518-456-7858 x31)
North Carolina:
Foundation for Nursing Excellence, President & CEO, Polly Johnson (
AARP North Carolina, State President, Diana Hatch (
North Dakota:
North Dakota Center for Nursing, Executive Director, Patricia Moulton (; 701-852-1810)
Harold Schafer Emerging Leaders Academy, University of Mary, Director, Cheryl Kalberer (; 701-355-8099)
Ohio League for Nursing, Executive Director, Jane Mahowald (; 440-331-2721)
Ohio Hospital Association, Associate General Counsel and Director of Health Policy, Sean McGlone (; 614-384-9139)
Oklahoma Nurses Association/Oklahoma Nurses Foundation, Executive Director, Jane Nelson (; 405-840-3476)
Oklahoma Health Care Workforce Center, Executive Director, Jim Durbin (   
Oregon Health & Sciences University School of Nursing, Senior Associate Dean, Paula Gubrud (; 503-494-3490)
Oregon Center for Nursing, Executive Director, Mary Rita Hurley (; 503-943-7184)
Northwest Heath Foundation Health Workforce Committee, Program Director, Judith Woodruff (; 503-220-1955)
Pennsylvania State Nurses Association, Chief Executive Officer, Betsy Snook (; 717-657-1222)
Executive Director: Frances Ward (; 717-657-1222)
Rhode Island:
Rhode Island Center for Nursing Excellence, Center Coordinator, Lynne Dunphy (; 401-874-5323)
Lifespan Learning Institute, Organizational Consultant, Jay Spitulnik (; 401-444-4198)
South Carolina:
South Carolina Center for Nursing Leadership, Director, Eileene Shake (; 803-777-5881)
South Carolina Hospital Association, Senior Vice President, Regulatory and Workforce, Jimmy Walker (; 803-796-3080)
South Carolina Hospital Association, Associate Director, Staffing Services, Susan H. Outen (; 803-744-3536)

South Dakota:
South Dakota Board of Nursing, Nursing Program Specialist, South Dakota Center for Nursing Workforce, Program Director, Linda Young (; 605-362-2772)
Yankton Rural Area Health Education Center, Executive Director, Sandy Viau-Williams (; 605 655-1403)
South Dakota Area Health Education Center, Grant Specialist, Jason Lemke (;605-357-1561)

University of Tennessee-Knoxville College of Nursing, Assistant Professor and Co-Director, Center for Health Policy and Services Research, Carole R. Myers (; 865-974-7626)
AARP Tennessee, Associate State Director for Community Outreach, Tara D. Shaver (; 615-726-5101)
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Anita Thigpen Perry School of Nursing, Professor and Dean Emeritus, Alexia Green (; 806-743-2738)
BlueCross BlueShield of Texas, Vice President Clinical Services, Cindy Johnson (; 972-766-6900)
Texas Nurses Association, Executive Director, Ellarene Sanders (; 512-452-0645 ext. 132)
Utah Organization of Nurse Leaders, Board of Directors, and University of Utah College of Nursing, Dean, Maureen Keefe  (;  801-581-8262)
Utah Organization of Nurse Leaders, President, Beth Cole (; 801- 357-2820)
Shriners Hospital for Children, Director of Patient Care Services/Chief Nursing Officer, Gail McGuill (; 801-536-3555)
HealthInsight Utah, Executive Director, Juliana Preston (; 801- 892-6625)
HealthInsight, Project Coordinator, Michelle Carlson (; 801-892-6646)
UMEC: Nursing Workforce Information Center
Castleton State College, Nursing Professor, Susan O. Farrell (; 802-468-1236)
University of Vermont College of Medicine, Associate Dean for Public Health Research and Clinical Professor of Medicine, Jan K. Carney (; 802-676-8275)
Virginia Nurses Association, President, Shirley Gibson (; 804-828-8650)
AARP Virginia, State Director, Bill Kallio (; 804-323-3012 )
AARP Virginia, Associate State Director, David DeBiasi (; 804-323-3012)
Virginia Nurses Association, Project Manager, Susan News (
Washington Center for Nursing, Executive Director, Linda Tieman (; 206-787-1200)
Washington Health Foundation, President & CEO, Greg Vigdor (; 206-285-6355)
West Virginia:
West Virginia Hospital Association, Vice President of Professional Services, Jim Kranz (; 304-344-9744)
West Virginia Center for Nursing, Executive Director, Duane Napier (; 304-558-0838)
Project Staff, Carrie Mallory (, 304-558-0838)
Wisconsin Center for Nursing, Executive Director, Judith Hansen (; 414-229-6014)
Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative, Executive Director, Tim Size (; 608-643-2343)
Wyoming Center for Nursing and Health Care Partnerships, Co-Chair, Advisory Board, Mary Burman (; 307-766-6569)
Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, Industry Partnership Manager,  Brad Westby (; 307-777-2971)
*Live in Alaska or DC? Stay tuned for the next application period to become a campaign-designated Action Coalition.