The Florida Center for Nursing (Center) and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Foundation (BCBSF Foundation) first joined together for a 2009 Partners Investing in Nursing’s Future grant, “Promoting the Use of Simulation Technology in Florida Nurse Education.” The Center serves as the definitive source for information, research and strategies to address dynamic nurse workforce needs in Florida. The BCBSF Foundation, whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of Floridians and their communities, has invested approximately $18 million in nursing scholarships and funded projects through the Generation RN program. Together, the Center and the BCBSF Foundation will build on their previous work and that of numerous other groups to implement the IOM report recommendations in Florida.

The Action Coalition will establish a Steering Committee with representation from the Quality and Unity in Nursing Council, a coalition of the state’s nursing organizations, to allow for continuation of efforts such as a Florida Organization of Nurse Executives-led task force to identify academic progression opportunities and health employer practices to facilitate attainment of advanced degrees and the ongoing efforts of the Florida Nurses Association and the Florida Nurse Practitioner Network to address scope-of-practice limitations.

Watch a video of Michael Hutton, PhD, discussing the work of the Florida Action Coalition

Florida Center for Nursing, Executive Director, Mary Lou Brunnell (; 407-823-0980)
Blue Foundation for a Healthy Florida, Consultant, Michael Hutton (leading on behalf of Susan Towler) (; 904-905-8383)
Blue Foundation for a Healthy Florida, Vice President, Susan Towler (; 904-905-0683)