Physicians BSNA survey of 100 primary care and specialist physician members of the online community that collected physician opinions about a range of issues related to nursing found that although the majority of the  physicians surveyed feel that nurses with a BSN are more competent than those with an AD and a majority of physicians agree that all nurses who provide care in a hospital should hold a BSN, physicians reported that they often aren’t aware of the educational background (BSN, AD, or Diploma) of the RNs with whom they work closely.Experience, work ethic, good clinical judgment, and compassion were viewed by physicians to be as important as education for nursing competence.Nurses’ compassion, efficiency, and experience are valued more by physicians than years of nursing education and caliber of nursing school.Physicians think physicians and patients should care strongly about nurse/patient staffing ratios and not much about average nursing education when selecting a hospital in which to practice or receive care.