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Higher Education

I am advancing the future of nursing by being a leader in my healthcare organization, and encouraging nurses to obtain a higher education.  I believe that the future of nursing is bright with the advancements in technology allowing nurses to continue to work while attending school. I am currently a MSN student in Healthcare Systems Management. My goal is to continue to advance the future of nursing by becoming a strong leader in my community and utilize the knowledge I have obtained.

Clinical Research Nursing




I am a faculty instructor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, School of Nursing and teach clinical research management courses.  I am also a DNP student conducting research on the role of nursing in clinical research.

I am writing to draw attention to the Specialty of Clinical Research Nursing.

Clinical Research Nursing (CRN) has existed for decades as a backbone to the clinical research enterprise.  Drugs, devices and treatment modalities evolve through a process of clinical research that requires a process of approvals, management, clinical care, data collection and analyses that make up evidenced-based practice.  Whether nursing research or clinical trials of drugs and devices; nurses often perform such research.  This growing advanced practice specialty has received growing attention in the past couple of years in response to the IOM report to focus on quality and excellence in nursing and the work of the NIH CRN2010 initiative.  Additional research is being conducted on the role of nursing in advocating for clinical research participants, study integrity and institutional coherence with ethical principles as studies are conducted.   All nurses should be aware of the principles and practice of clinical research.  Nurses intersect the clinical research enterprise more and more frequently as clinical research participants attend clinics or are admitted to the hospital.  The growing numbers of clinical research nurses whose primary role is to manage studies and the recruitment and care of clinical research participants is in tandem with other nursing roles.  A shortage of well-trained clinical research nurses is also looming as our population ages and the need for nurses increases.  Focused educational programs that attend to the learning needs of nurses in evidenced-based practice AND clinical research nursing is needed.  The International Association of Clinical Research Nurses is working to inspire additional research on the practice and process of nursing’s contributions to clinical research and the development of Scopes and Standards for Clinical Research Nursing (IACRN.org).  Academic programs are developing and the Consortium of Academic Programs in Clinical Research (CoAPCR.org) are developing core competencies for graduates of such programs. 

Advanced Degree in Nursing and the Next Generation


I am privileged to be involved in a number of activities to support the future of nursing, as coordinator of  our NSPI HSCRC Nursing Grant  I manage our Nursing Graduate Mentorship and Project Advance (nursing scholarship) programs. All new nursing graduates are assigned a mentor for a period of 18 months after hire (mentors are in addition to their preceptors).  The Project Advance program provides additional tuition support to our staff who are attending entry level nursing, BSN, or MSN programs. Although my organization provides tuition assistance for employees, the funds provided are only for tuition and generally do not cover the full cost.  The scholarship funds also provide reimbursement for books, which is extremely helpful.   

Several years ago I lead a team that developed a high school program to entice the next generation to choose a career in nursing. This program has been very successful.

Going beyond nurses

Working to build on the successes of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation by improving the delivery of health and health care for all Americans where they live, work, learn and play, by incorporating the experience and skill of all sectors of the health professions, including nursing.

--Sue Hassmiller

My commitment to the future of nursing is...

EDUCATING STUDENTS.Educating students

To transform nursing we must...

To Transform nursing we must"Strengthen intercollaboration."

My commitment to the Future of Nursing is...

Frank Purcell"To offer suggestions to Dr. Berwick and the private health economy for improving care, extending access and saving money through the power of APRNs, CRNAs and nursing!"
-Frank Purcell

To transform nursing we must...

Edna Cadmus "Engage all Americans in ensuring health and healthcare for future generations." 
-Edna Cadmus, New Jersey Regional Action Coalition Co-Lead

Require All Nursing Students to Read the IOM Report


My university is requiring all nursing students to read the IOM Future of Nursing report.

This report should be required reading at all nursing schools in the U.S. 


Connecting a friend to nursing

I am connecting a colleague to the IFN website to learn more about the IOM report.